What Is A Kosher Kitchen

I do not keep kosher personally, but the majority of recipes on my site are kosher out of respect for my Jewish readers. You can read more about my food philosophy in the About Me section. I include a Kosher Key on every recipe which puts it into the category of meat, dairy, pareve, or in […]

Heated Tile Floors

Comfort & Warmth SunTouch solutions provide heated floors for enhanced comfort and efficiency and outdoor snow melting systems for added safety and convenience. That’s right, warmth where and when you want it. You can have underfloor heating in bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, entries, sunrooms, and laundries, as well as basement and garage floors. SunTouch snow […]

Kitchen Essentials Food

Most men believe that if they find the right recipe, dinner will turn out great. But the truth is, with the right foods you don’t even need a recipe. If you cook with the same ingredients again and again, you learn which other foods play well with them; soon enough, you’re freestyling your own inventions. […]

Kitchen Island Sink

TomI always find these posts confusing because I can’t tell if the images are highlighting the mistakes (which I can’t see) or showing how to properly execute the issue described (which, if so, they seem subtle). For example, #9 seems like an example of “too trendy”, while #4 seems to be relatively well lit for […]